Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people to God, others, ministry, and the unchurched.

 To fulfill our mission we will…

  • Invite the entire community to our church and welcome all people to come and hear the good news of Jesus Christ
  • Clearly communicate what it means to be saved and have eternal life
  • Teach and encourage others to share the truth of God with their neighbors and invite them to the church
  • Pray for and encourage people in their relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Help people discover how their skills and passions can be used for God’s glory in the church and mission field
  • Guide people to grow spiritually through our services, classes, small groups, and ministries
  • Participate in local and world missions in the name of Jesus Christ

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an irresistible church that guides people to accept Jesus as savior, and walk with Him through life.

In Lifewalk Church we want to see…

  • Thousands of people receive Jesus Christ as their savior and make a public declaration of faith through baptism
  • Ministry leaders realizing their potential and committing wholeheartedly to guide and encourage everyone in the church family to minister in a way that suits their own unique gifts and abilities
  • Highly effective youth and children’s programs flourish to build a relevant faith foundation for each age group
  • Highly functional buildings and campus developed for the purpose of carrying out our mission and vision
  • A staff of leaders, pastors, and administrators who can dedicate their time to facilitating and meeting the needs of the church as the family grows
  • Predecessors in every area of leadership ready to lead the church forward for future generations
  • Additional Churches created by the Lifewalk family and planted to reach people in other                   communities
  • Full time ministers, pastors, and missionaries emerging from Lifewalk to go and make disciples all over the region, nation, and world