Sunday Morning Service at Lifewalk

If you have never been to Lifewalk Church here is what to expect on a typical Sunday.  When you come in, you will be casually greeted and receive an outline for today's message that also contains our current events.  Some people will be wearing blue jeans and t-shirts, some will be wearing  a collared shirt or a nice dress, maybe some tennis shoes, or dress shoes, or even sandals.  More than likely, you will not see a suit and tie, however, our motto is "Come as you are."

You can help yourself to coffee or a soft drink available near the entrance.  If the service has not started yet, people will more than likely be standing around and talking.  You can sit wherever you want.  When the service begins we encourage everyone to join us in celebrating and worshiping God through music. 

After the music, we take a moment to greet each other; at this time children are escorted by parents and teachers to a classroom for their own lessons.  (If you have any questions concerning Lifesavers Kid's Church, Toddler Church, or nursery please contact Misty LaPointe at  

Once children are settled in their classes, we will turn our focus to a practical message taught from the Word of God (the Holy Bible) and learn how we can apply the teaching to our own lives.  After closing in prayer, we honor God with another song while an offering is collected.  (Our guests are not expected to give.)  After the service, we will hang out and give you the opportunity to connect with any one of our ministries or Life Groups (Bible study groups).